Grahame Plaunt and Kenneth L.W. Boland v. Renfrew Power Generation Inc.

Pleadings and Certification Motion Materials
Opting Out of the Class Action
Please note that the deadline to opt out of the Class Action was 5:00 p.m. Ottawa time on July 11, 2012. By order of the Superior Court of Justice, no further opt-outs can be accepted after this time.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. As a Class Member, am I at risk of incurring any costs by remaining in the Class Action?

As set out in the Notice, Class Members are not personally responsible for the fees of Class Counsel, which will be paid out of any funds awarded by the court. Furthermore, the Ontario Class Proceedings Act provides that class members, other than the representative plaintiff(s), are not responsible for any cost award made by the court in favour of the defendant. At a later stage in the proceedings, the court may decide that the participation of individual Class Members is required to determine any individual issues unique to each individual member. Each class member will then be entitled to decide whether or not to participate further. If a member chooses to participate further in individual proceedings he or she may have to bear certain costs associated with that individual proceeding. If a member chooses not to participate then he or she will continue to have no responsibility for any costs in connection with the action.

2. Can I be sued by the defendant for participating in this action?


3. If the court awards money to the Class, how will it be distributed?

The procedure for allocating any monetary award will be determined by the court. At the relevant time, you will be notified about that procedure. You may be required to provide information as to any damage that you claim to have suffered.

4. Should I send pictures, video, or other materials relating to my property to Class Counsel?

If you have such material that you think may be relevant to the claim, please contact Class Counsel to discuss it. We recommend that you endeavour to preserve any such material in the event that it becomes relevant.

5. What if I want to sell my property before the Class Action is decided or settled?
If you decide to sell your property before the Class Action is decided or before a possible settlement, you may lose your right to a share of any money or benefits that may be awarded to the Class. If you are thinking of selling your property, you should consult a lawyer about whether and how to retain your right to participate in the Class Action.
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